ABOUT - adelaide central market tourS


Food lovers are invited to tour South Australia’s culinary icon established in 1869, the Adelaide Central Market.
Tours are designed by one of the states noted food experts, Mark Gleeson. With over 30 years experience in the food tourism and hospitality industries, Gleeson’s knowledge of South Australia’s finest produce market is second to none.

ABOUT - corporate tours


We'll be quizzing not just your food knowledge, but your palate, food prep skills, creativity, teamwork and sense of direction! Prove your culinary know-how in the Adelaide Central Market Challenge and cement your place in gastronomic history! This high-intensity sensory skirmish is the ultimate food combat experience, designed for both the young... and the wise!

ABOUT - education tours

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Looking for Educational Tours at the Adelaide Central Market? Tours are specifically designed to cover the areas of the curriculum which your class requires.
We will work with you to make your excursion one which the students will enjoy and they will be learning whilst they have fun!

As one of our clients commented “It was the best excursion ever!”
We aim to achieve this for your group as well.

ABOUT - Adelaide Farmers Market


Enjoy our 50 minute gastronomic guide to healthy seasonal shopping while exploring the Adelaide Showground Farmers’ Market it is  the largest farmers’ market in South Australia. Established in October 2006, the not-for-profit organisation supports small family farms, agricultural diversity and fresh, regional and seasonal choices for consumers. The Farmers' Market attracts around 6,000 locals and tourists every Sunday. It is a vibrant place where farmers and producers representing every region of the state bring seasonal produce to sell direct to the public in inner-city Adelaide.
The market inspires consumers to consider where their food comes from and how it is produced. Producers  also maximise their profit margins by selling direct to the public and receive instant feedback from customers about product quality and preferences.

about - Adelaide zoo experiences


Adelaide Zoo offers exciting opportunities for you to get even closer to some of your favourite animal friends.  Simply join one of the interactive behind the scenes experiences – proudly supported by Food Tours Australia!  You could experience the thrill of hand feeding our Giant Pandas, helping our hippos with their daily mouth check or entering the Squirrel Monkey home to feed them… plus much more!  Our keeper presentations are also a great free way to meet our animals and their carers.