We know you like coffee...
so here is our Adelaide Central Market Masterclass

"Coffee is about flavour, colour, origin, machinery and skill.
Come and discover our simple techniques in understanding the whole cup!." 
Donald Wu

Coffee cupping is the action of analyzing brewed coffee by paying attention to the aroma and taste.  Learn from an expert the importance of water temperature, coffee grind size and the ratio of coffee to water. Coffee is graded on fragrance, aroma, flavor, acidity, aftertaste, balance, sweetness and cleanliness- learn these skills from our expert.

Donald Wu is a Coffee Master Class Educator. His love for the coffee industry started in 2006 when he was given the opportunity to make his first espresso during his hospitality internship.

In order to expand his knowledge base of coffee; from its origins, roasting techniques and interaction from industry to the consumer, he applied himself to be active in making coffee across multiple outlets and facilities.  Each establishment offered him different skill sets including how to be composed while dealing with “mad” coffee rushes. Each and every day he asked himself, colleagues and consumers “what is the coffee standard and what is the benchmark?”

To further build on his knowledge base and in the pursuit of a greater understanding, he progressed to the next level in his coffee journey by joining the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America). Donald is a SCAA Lead instructor and Q grader. Donald has a tremendous attention to detail - meticulous in fact, he is open to all opinions and is keen to educate wherever possible his experiences from Grower to Consumer. He has travelled to coffee producing regions across the globe to experience each unique coffee culture, learning new ways of coffee making and making new friends.

The Coffee Master Classes are designed to educate everyone from the “day to day” consumer to the coffee connoisseur.  

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